Missing Geometry Preview

Hi Everyone!

May i ask how to enable geometry preview and the grid is not oriented properly.


Background Preview

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Unfortunately the item is greyed out and cannot be selected.

Any idea how we can enable this one?
Super thanks!

First step: Update Dynamo and Revit to the most current major build that is compatible. So Revit 2019 would be Revit 2019.2.3 and Dynamo 1.3.3 or Dynamo 2.0.3.

Super thanks!
Have updated to Revit 2020.
Problem still exists.

Do you have a dedicated graphics card? I believe Dynamo background preview is incompatible with integrated graphics.

I’m using an external gpu.
Where can we download the latest version of dynamo for revit?
Thanks [cgartland]!

Releases and daily builds can be found here

First try launching Sandbox and seeing what you have there.

Downloaded the sandbox problem still persists.
See video.
Thanks for your support!

Hoping to hear from you thanks!

Still on vacation, have you checked the graphics display settings?

Not sure what to do with settings.

Thanks Jacob

What’s in the software tab? I haven’t worked with an AMD card before so I may have to do some guessing here.

I’m having the same exact problem. Following the thread.

Do you have an AMD or NVIDEA graphics card?