Revit 18 Family to Revit 17

Hello everyone,

I have a Revit 18 Family and I need it in Revit 17.
How can I get the family there? Ore minimum the Geometry should be possible?
Can I get the Geometry from a revit File path?



all i can think off is to export to .sat and import in a new family

Hmm Thats an Idea. Ill try it tomorrow.
But thats whery strange. Why is there no way to import Revit Geometry by File Path

I do not think it is possible because It would need to open the file.

I guess you could get the start and end points of everything and export all the needed data to excel and then recreate it that way. In theory this is possible but could take some time to build.

Stephen is right. It has to open the file (meaning you have to be in Revit 2018) in order to read the contents. You could try and save out to an intermediate file (say an xls), but that’s kind of the same as saving to stl, so why reinvent the wheel?

For what it’s worth, saving out to an .ifc instead of an stl might be a better option, though I haven’t tried it yet.

Thank you guys for your answers. Ill try it out and let you know.

This might simply be a Revit issue, I’m not sure how Dynamo could help you with that.