Saving Revit file back to a previous version?

I am trying to save family revit version 2018 into revit version 2016 .

I tried with IFC but does not work for Family.

Any script or Dynamo nodes for that?

Thank you.

There is no way to my knowledge of doing this with out recreating the file. You can export to CAD or IFC but that will come in as a block.

I have had the thought that one could write a script to export all the start location of each line to excel and then somehow recreate a family in an older version this way but it sounds like a lot of work and I have never tried.

I would bet that it would be quicker to install Revit 2018 or recreate whatever it is.

Good luck,

If you’re only interested in the geometry, you could export your family in SAT format.
In Revit 2016, you can create a new family with for example Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node.

Can you share your dyn file.


Here is the graph.

Create family from SAT.dyn (8.1 KB)

P.S : You must install the great Springs package.

@Steven yeah thats looks like so much work

There is no way to go backwards at this time. I did experiment with exporting all wall types and locations to an excel file, and then using that to recreate the elements in the older version a while back. This was effective for some system families (not stairs, ramps, ceilings), but families proved to be a stumbling block that wasn’t worth reworking. Annotations and views would have been a disaster.

Keep in mind that with the stl method above you will lose materiality and all family types, geometry flexibility, parameter values and constraints.