How do you bring a dynamo file(from revit application) into revit 2022

I have made my coding in revits dynamo, however would like to import it to just revit22 so that i can then later on laser or CNC cut it. When i try and export it from dynamos revit i can only do so as an STL file which i cannot seem to insert into revit. thank you

here is my coding- creating a parametric form.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking so sorry if my reply isn’t what you’re after…

But I think you’re asking how can you open this dynamo code in Revit 2022…

Save the Dynamo file and remember where the folder is…
Open R22 and go to Dynamo. Then navigate to that folder and open it.
Some nodes may need updating but that should be it.

i have been unable to insert the file into revit 22 and the only file that the revitdynamo will save as is an STL and cannot be opened into revit alone, is there a way for this to happen?

hello thank you, sorry for my question not being too clear, i managed to do this however when it comes to opening my dynamo from the revit application and then importing it into revit, how would i go about this so then my design is just
in revit?

I’d read about converting STLs into another format. You may need another programme.

Otherwise, if you can see your graph you could just rebuilt it in R21.

Start a conceptual mass family, then open Dynamo.