Change color of the Revision Tag


I have been searching for a solution for a issue our client like us to incorparate.
we have been ask to override the color for particular revision tags.

from previous topics I started with the script (below), but the “element Types” does not give Revision Tag as a possible Type.
It works great for the cloud, but I like to color the Tag aswell.

Please let me know if some of you have a tip.
thanks a lot

It can be done like so:

The thing to remember here is that tags are usually of category IndependentTag and once you have that you can get it’s host (the element that is being tagged, or in this case Revision Cloud). In this case you can narrow it down even more because Revision Cloud Tags have their own Category. When you have that Revision Cloud, it’s just the same thing from there on out.



Thank you!

I’ve been trying to do something similar, but instead of overriding color in view, I was applying visibility filter overrides to selection sets. My first attempt to do so was using Ideate Explorer to create or update the selection set, but that left the tags out of the selection.

When I saw Konrad’s very helpful solution to overriding color in view, I figured there must be a way to modify and extend his graph to create and update a selection set (using Clockwork SelectionSet.ByElements) instead of changing color in view. I also used SteamNodes Tool.RunMe to prevent an empty list from deleting the selection set, which would have also deleted the filters. Thanks Konrad, you’ve been a great help many times.

I anyone has a way to automagically add the filter to all sheets, I’d love to know how. As it is, the filters must be manually added to sheets. (we need visibility templates for sheets.)

Here is an (updated) image of the resulting graph.

(In further testing in one huge project, it was erroring on some clouds and tags which had empty string revision number values.)

Thanks - Rusty

For some reason, it does not allow me to put the color to a tag, some idea, thank you.

For overriding in multiple views (sheets) have a look at this share from a while back. :wink:

Dear, if I run into that publication but it has not worked for me either, I do not know what I’m doing wrong. Thank you

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