All Revision Clouds Per Sheet Written to Excel

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I am very new to Dynamo and is looking for some help, please.

I am trying to write all the revision clouds to an excel sheet associated to each sheet in a Revit project. The contractor is trying to track the design changes so they can price the changes that have been made to the project. I have researched on the forum but can only find topics that are associated with exporting revisions per sheets, not revision clouds. I have managed to export the revision number and the comments exported to Excel, but could not get them to be sorted by sheet numbers.

Can someone please help? Any help is appreciated.

Here is a link for what I have right now (both script and excel file) and the list structure I am looking for. I can not upload the revit model for legal reasons but I included a test model with a similar cloud revision set up.

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You can place revision clouds IN a view, or you can place them ON a sheet.
The method used is important in this case. Can you elaborate on that?

@irenec Your example Excel file seems to show you’d like Sheet Number, Sheet Name, Revision Description, Revision Date, Comments. These are parameter values that come from 3 different element types you will pull the parameter values from- the revision cloud’s owner view (sheet or view element to get sheet number/name), the revision cloud’s revision (to get revision description/date), and the revision cloud itself for the comments.

Right now the graph you are showing is attempting to obtain “Sheet Number” from the Revision Cloud elements, and this is not a parameter that Revision Clouds have. You need to first obtain the Revision Cloud’s owner view, and then get the Sheet Number and Sheet Name parameter values from the owner view. (This will not matter if the revision cloud is drawn on a view or a sheet as @Marcel_Rijsmus has mentioned, as both view and sheet elements have the Sheet Number and Sheet Name parameter). The package Clockwork has a node Element.OwnerView that you will want to use.

For Revision Description and Revision Date, you can get the “Revision” parameter value from your Revision Clouds. This will give you the Revision element which you can obtain the description and date parameter values from. The node Revision Properties from the package archi-lab will help you do this.

The “Comments” parameter value is the only one you will be obtaining directly from your revision cloud elements

I suggest using the Excel.ReadFromFile node with the Excel file that you created to demonstrate how you want your data displayed; this will show you how you will want to structure your lists and you will see for blank values you will want to have nulls in their place. The graph pictured here (although it is for writing revisions on sheet and not clouds) shows how to create lists with nulls for blanks to achieve a similar outcome to yours in Excel: All Revisions per sheet written to Excel

Hope this helps! If you get stuck, post back and include an image of your graph

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What would happen if the revision cloud is on an overlapping portion of two dependent views, those views placed on different Sheets? Im currious

That’s a good point I hadn’t thought of; the revision cloud will report the owner view as the parent view, it doesn’t report the dependent views. To account for that case it would make more sense to Collect Sheets > Get Sheets’ Views > Collect Revision Clouds in View (rather than collect revision clouds and obtain views from those)… but it seems nodes that collect elements in view by category do not collect elements from sheet view elements, so one would have to combine revision clouds on sheets with those revision clouds after the fact.

(note that list 2 and 3 share a common Revision Cloud in this example because they are overlapping dependent views like you described)

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just semantics here but thats why i asked if the revision clouds are placed on the sheets or in the view. :slight_smile:

@awilliams and @Marcel_Rijsmus Thanks you guys! It worked!

This is what I ended up with using the Element.OwnerView node that you mentioned in your previous post. I have marked your post as a solution. This helped me to manage 1231 clouds that are in my project.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much again,



This post helped me a lot on finding out which sheets have revision clouds on!
One question -
I have dependent views under a parent view to show different zones on a plan, and those dependent views are placed on the sheets for documentation. When I use dynamo to read which view have revision clouds on, it will return the parent view name instead of the individual dependent view. Is there any way I can get the dependent view name directly?

Hi there, in case you are still looking for a solution see below for a workaround,

I personally do not know about pulling the view name directly but I added a code block to pull the Mark of the revision cloud as well which I use to type in the sheet number of the clouds in question and then in excel i just have a column with the marks in it and then in editing the file to send to the GC I combine the 2 columns to just have one sheet number column. I found it useful to add an element ID column as well so I can easily find any clouds that don’t have comments or have misspellings according to excel. see image below.

My question is, does anyone know how to take that excel file that dynamo makes and put it back into revit in the form of a revision summary for each sheet? Importing Revision Cloud Comments to Sheet Parameters

Thanks! I will give it a try.