Annotation Matching - Revision Tag on View AND on Sheet

I am wondering if it is possible to mirror annotation objects, specifically revision tags, between the views and the sheets. Our client has a standard that has the revision tags sitting along the bottom of the the title block to quickly identify revisions on the sheet. This unfortunatly means I need to create an annotation object(a dummy revision tag) on the sheet that lines up vertically with the tag on the revision cloud:

It looks like you are wanting something similar to this,

But the other way around. :slight_smile: Would need to be in Python or C# it seems.

How do you imagine this working?
Pick Sheet > Get Revision Tags > Push to Sheet “Paper Space” ?

Yeah something like that, lining them up on the bottom of the sheet is an easy step from there. Sheet by Sheet isn’t an issue, it would be great to have it done by revision, so for future revisions it doesn’t override work already done.