Get Sheet Number for Revision - New Dynamo User

I am trying to output from Revit to Excel a list of revision clouds and some of their properties:
Revision Number
Sheet Number
Revision Date

So far I have been able to extract for the number, date, and comment. Extracting the sheet number has proven a problem. I would post my .dyn file, but since i am new, this forum will not allow me.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Is there Python Code that does this?

This is for a revision narrative. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Sheet Number is not a property of a Revision. You will have to get all your sheets and query their Revision.

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look into all parameters as I know is possible to determine what view the revision is on, and (assuming it wasn’t drawn on a sheet) then from the view you can pull the sheet number.

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I think you can get OwnerView from a Revision, but that could be misleading depending on how your views are setup. I’m pretty sure I generally go from Sheet to Revision.

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There is apparently some Python code that can accomplish this, but I am not familiar enough with Python (tres noob) to write it.

Here is a possible way :

Revision cloud to sheet.dyn (6.5 KB)


I’ll try. Thanks!