Revision History Sheet

Hi, our client wants to use excel to keep track of Revisions and wants us to import the data into Revit.
This is far detailed info than just a delta and description. They want every single item(building component revisions) to be explained in detail.

Anyhow, I would like to pick your brain on the best way to go about it.

I was thinking about creating a note block with family parameters, export them out to schedule and reimport. Then, use schedule to put it on a sheet.
Then, I’ve realized, I have to actually place those note blocks on a sheet to populate, which is not what we want to do.

I would like to have just an Excel straight import-like function done with Dynamo.
How can this be done? Between, I’m a newbie.
I’ll post my progress as well.

Thank you so much!

So if I understand this issue correctly the idea is to document EVERY single revision for EVERY single revised element in the model. For example if I have moved a Wall in Revision 1 they want a list/schedule that lists that wall under Revision 1 with an explanation of why it was moved.

I think that could be done with a Shared Parameter added to revised elements. For every Revision just add a parameter called Revision 1_Desc, Revision 2_Desc and fill that out with a short description. Then you can just run a Multi Category schedule and place that on a sheet. I am not sure you will need Dynamo here for anything.

Of course I might be wrong…

Ps. Please, next time post a sample of desired output, show some work etc. Also, please don’t use exclamation marks in your title - it doesn’t help to be yelling at people that you are asking for help.

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Thanks. Not quite what I am looking for though. I basically wanted to have excel spread sheet imported into a sheet called “revision history sheet”.

So far, I created a noteblock and populated the excel data into the noteblock’s instance parameters and scheduled it.
Afterwards, I dragged and dropped the schedule into the view.
This is the best I could think of…

What I am looking for is doing the above without using a loadable family.
Being able to link the excel data info into schedule parameter directly is my ideal solution if that can happen.


We have created shared parameters for InstanceRevisions and for TypeRevisons.
We also have Tags that diplay an arrow and a date or revisionnumber.
Revisionnumbers come from an Excelsheet with revisionsnumbers, desciptions and approval dates.
Only approved revisions will be in the Revitmodel.
Since those parameters are Shared parameters, they can be scheduled and edited by Dynamo.
You can use parameter mapping to fill the schedule.


Thank you. I will try that. Just out of curiosity, what categories did your shared parameters had to fall under? Did you assign them to “revision” categories in your project?

Hi, thank you very much for sharing.