Add Shared Parameter to Revision


It would be great to add more info to a revision… E.G. which sheets it applies to…

I had seen this post by @Marcel_Rijsmus if you don’t mind, was that what this was about?

Revision History Sheet

If not, perhaps this post is of interest, and I’ll have a look tomorrow :slight_smile:


Edit: Unfortunately Jeremy has confirmed that this is not possible, because the method to create a Shared Parameter requires a category, but the built in category OST_Revision has it’s category ‘hidden to user’. Hopefully future API releases will add this functionality.

That post was about this thing with doors we had.
You can have a door move a bit (instance) or change its appearance (type)
So i created shared parameters for both cases, they carry date info.
Instance tags in green text, types in red.
And schedule them accordingly.
Its just helpfull for the production process, no big deal, but it can be of help in other workflows too.

You could easily see all edits to the model by making a 3D view where all changed elements are isolated in the view.
If only there was a way to parse the journal file and automate the parameter setting proces :slight_smile:

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