Extract Revisions on Sheets and update shared parameters based on these sheet revisions

Hi All,
First time dynamo user. I was able to extract sheet revisions using Archi-lab package and write the data into excel. But I want to make my dynamo more effective.
Instead of writing to excel and then re-import excel to update parameters, I would like to update shared parameters in the project right off dynamo. The purpose is to create schedule that display history of revision on sheets.
Is this doable?

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Has anyone been able to give you any advice on how to go this?

Hi Bakecity, no one came back to me but i end up writing C# code and do what i needed. thanks

Hi Nathan, no one came back to me but i end up writing C# code and get what i needed.


Could you share this process with me?

it is code from Revit SDK 2018. i just changed couple things.
the process is as such.

find and filter all sheets based on parameter we have.
loop through each sheet
I have created shared parameters as check boxes. clear all them at this point.

extract revisions number and name from each sheet.
loop through all revisions in sheet and update check boxes per each revision

when these 2 loops are completed. the schedule will be updated. inside the schedule we have formatted the check boxes to make it look like dot.

then i have created add-in button. the key to this process is the last person in the model has to run this code.

hope this explains to you the process.