Change revision cloud color based on "Comment" parameter

Hi there,

I have just started with Dynamo and I having a bit of trouble trying to change the revision cloud colors based on the comment. Basically, I am trying to change the cloud color depending on the consultant (Electrical, Mechanical or Hydraulic).

I have tried several ways but there is always something that it is not working.

The second option I can’t post it because I am a new user. Please have a look the following link.

if someone can help me it would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Can you show previews of your nodes? Are you getting warnings or errors anywhere when you run the script? Option 1 should work.

I thought so too about option 1, but option 1 it is not working at all.

The option 2 sometimes works sometimes not and I don’t understand why because I am not getting any error.

The second option if I start a new project looks like works, but if I apply to the current project which I am working on, it doesn’t work.

Can you attach watch nodes or show the node previews so we can see what your graph is doing? It could be that some information doesn’t match up and you’re getting nulls somewhere.

Is it what you are looking for?

The issue with the second option is although the “Mech” way has 3 true nodes, I can only see one purple colored cloud in Revit.

In Option 1 you’re checking “Comment” instead of “Comments” which is why you’re getting no matches.

For Option 2, are all your clouds in the same view? I believe Element.OverrideColorInView uses the active view for applying overrides. You’ll either have to use a different node or write it in Python.

Ohh Thanks! What a silly mistake! Option 1 is working properly.

And option 2, it only applies to the active view. But if the option 1 is working I don’t really need this one.