Retrieve parameters group names from current family document

Hi there! Does anyone know how I can retrieve the group names of parameters created by the user (not shared parameter) in a family document? I need to do that running the graph from the family editor.

I’m trying to automate the documentation of families that I have been creating. I’m getting cool results using mainly data-shapes, orchid, and bumblebee nodes. At this point, I would like to add a feature where I can list down the built-in parameter groups that I used the family parameters created (for example, ‘Height’ is stored under ‘Dimensions’, ‘Control Arc Height’ is stored under ‘Constraints’, and so on).

Many thanks!

Hi @diegomes,

Use the FamilyParameter.Properties node in Clockwork package.


Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner! This Clockwork node works pretty well.