Resizing the window of a perspective View

Yesterday It took me 5 hours to resize and make all view elements visible and

put on sheets barely 200 Perspective Views. I have to do for 1800 more, thus I thought about it worths give Dynamo another try.

Even if it does not put correctly on the precise spot on the sheet, I will adjust manually then.

I found the arResizePerspectiveProblemchive post about the resize and it is for isometric/axonometric VieWs only, even though I have tried.

In Revit, every 3dPerspective deal with a family called windowLayout, or something similar. If I were able to pick that with Dynamo maybe it could be scaled, flexed, changed and so on. Unfortunately I could not find it. Maybe is there but I do not know the exact name!


Sorry, I don’t know the answer. I hope that someone could help you, because I have more or less a similar problem.

I am kind of enough satisfied - not yet ashamed of it I mean - with the working around I have found, since I could adjust a littel and wrap it around a customized node.

The answer is 7.

bandicam 2015-05-18 11-26-04-465I used the clocwork node, resize cropbox. Tried many times with different amount and reading the python script emobodied I understood only that it works with an “addition” to enlarge the edges of the cropbbox. Since the addition does not allow a regular behave with numbers different than one, my guess is that a cropbox has 6 faces…and the results are random in some sense for illiterates like me.

IN the flow I simply change the name of the view to cut the “Copy” from the name. The main thing is that I take the result and I re-size the cropbox again until I do not get the size I need. The result would a be a 444mmm x 407 size that almost fits my need (It needs to be resized 4 times with the number 7).bandicam 2015-05-18 11-26-28-596

If I apply again, that would be the 5th time, the resize-crop (with amount of 1) I will get a 465x428mmm window…

I wish I could write a python node to speed this inefficient flow.

At the end I have not finished yet. Now the views needs to be scaled down in order to fit the 25 per sheets…so it something “tricky” somebody wrote.

Why is it failing now?

I grabbed 870 perspectives with different filter boolean mask, joined in one list and than resize , 4 times, 7…it doesn not work?

I do not understand, in the previous project, kind of sand project worked properly…Do I pass to the resize nbandicam 2015-05-18 15-00-04-192ode only the string and not the perspectives?



I am attaching the file.ResizesuBighall

Screeshots are inverted, first one shows the end, the previous the beginning just after the, getAllViews node…

Yes is the answer to my last post question. I gave myself the solution finding that I was passing the string instead of the perspective.

The resizing went through.

Next will be try to make the Olsen solution work to un-hide all the elements in those Perspective views without toggle them.

Something that would follow the path:

“make this active view.”

“get all the elements”

“unhide them”

“save the setting”

“this is the new wiew”


I correct myself, the resizing happened but for some reason, seldomly. Depsite the fact that with the flow, the boolean mask I encapsulated well a list of the perpsectives needed to be resized, - the others I already did each by each manually - I cannot say the job is done.