Perspective Views. Size Crop?!

Hi all,

Once again, I’m stuck with a rather challenging situation.

I need to create Perspective views along many points, which I have been able to achieve through the default node PerspectiveView.ByEyePointAndTarget.

I’m encountering two problems:

First, I need to be able to change the Size Crop of that view, since I intend to use real-life Camera VFOV, HFOV and such. Inside Revit it won’t allow me to change it on these views created by dynamo.

Second, I need to be able to actually use Crop View. Inside Revit it won’t allow me to change it on these views created by dynamo. For this one I thought I had a solution… I could get the view parameters and set a new value, right? Wrong. This is a read-only boolean value… so no deal as well.


I’d appreciate your thoughts on this



Hi All,

I’ve been encountering the exact same thing. It’s relatively straightforward to set up a bulk number of views and feed this node:

  • eye point
  • target
  • element (to determine bounds of 3D view)
    However when the views are created whilst the crop region is visible per view, the option to crop the view is greyed. This is strange as a typical perspective view allows you to control those parameters.

Any advice on this would be really appreciated as we are using this to generate multiple views that need to be placed cleanly on sheets.


Hi @dagillespie,

It’s great to see someone raising this issue as well, as I have not found a solution yet!
Maybe someone can give us some new ideas?

Has this been addressed anywhere - I am hitting the exact same issue