Resizing viewports of Perspective view on a sheet with dynamo

I’ve been trying to resize multiple viewports of perspective views on a sheet. There is a button “Size Crop” that shows up in the Modify tab when you select a perspective view or a viewport of that on a sheet. And in the dialog box, you can choose to change only the scale (locked proportion) which resize not only the crop region, but also whats inside the viewport. So it actually works as if you have scaled the viewport just like an image. I tried to script this process with dynamo nodes but got no luck in finding suitable nodes for doing this. So I tried to build python scripts in dynamo to do this. Now I have found the api of resizing the crop box. But the problem here is, it only resize the crop region of the view. It couldn’t resize the model shown in the viewport as well. Can anyone tell me if this is actually possible or should I just give up on this? Thanks


Ive been dealing with the same issue, have not been able to resize viewports. Did you manage to find a solution?Thanks