Edit crop region

im new to dynamo , i was searching how to edit crop region by dynamo to use it to produce sheets by dynamo

in another way , i want to make constant crop region for all the views that i assign to sheet by dynamo

thanks in advance

Hello, this could probably help for a start:


thank you for replying
but im looking for how to edit this crop box dimension and location , copy it and assign it to multiple views , also doing the same thing to elevations and sections views

i searched again for a solution but i still got no clue , does anyone has any idea yet ?

Yes, sure, the idea here is that someone could help you to build your own graph or give you some clues to do it by yourself. Could you please drop some screenshots then? Thanks :slight_smile:

look i want to control these parameters by dynamo nodes
in other words to specify the exact crop region dimensions and assign them to multiple views

All I can find are nodes into SteamNodes, Rhythm, Bakery and Clockwork packages. Once those loaded, you’ll find them easily by typing “crop view” in the search field…

they only work with 3d crop region
but thank you alot for your concern i really appreciate it
i hope that some one could develop custom node to this issue soon

View.ResizeCropBox from Clockwork works for me in section view too, it could be a good start to reach what you need. See here to get started:

Why not just make a scope box with the right dimensions and then set the scope box for each view with dynamo?

I just added the node ‘View.SetCropBoxCurves’ to my package ‘MEPover’ that will let you set the crop view regions by a list of curves. The curves need to be in a closed loop ofcourse.


Thank you T_Pover
can you make a screen about how it works ?
i tried but i failed
thank you in advance


If you look at the picture in my previous reply you’ll see that I’m feeding a list of curves per view into the node.
Now that I mention it: the node might not work with only a single view with a single list of lines… I’ll take a look at that asap.

Edit: I just published a new version that should work with single or multiple input curves and also with polycurves instead of a collection of lines or curves.

Thank you!!! It works Fine

Just what I needed, It works great!! Thank you very much! :smiley:

@Thomas_Perkov Next time start a new thread please.

I’ll do… I’m a bit confused … I couldn’t see the answers/solution before… :-S

This is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. Works perfectly for making the crop of a ceiling plan match that of the associated floor plan. Well done!

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Not sure I get what was done here exactly?

I am currently having an issue where I have section views automatically created, but now I want to adjust the crop region of those views. I have included pictures below of what my section views look like currently, and another of how I would like it to look when I “run” my workspace.

Pic #1 - How it looks now:

Pic #2 - How I’d like it to look:

Is there a node or python script or something which will let me get my section view to look like picture #2, rather than #1?

Here is my current post on this topic below, hoping someone may have more info about it here in this post

the script is not working for me. Please see script and photo for information.
What might be reason for that? Curve is closed.

Section.dyn (11.0 KB)