Reset element Color

Hi There!


I’ve created a script to change the color of some elements in order to check if they are correclly place.


My question is, afer cheking that, I would like to reset the color of all elements, but I can’t find in Revit what parameter Dynamo has change, so I can’t change the color in Revit.




First suggestion is to apply the color overrides with a duplicate view active.

That way the original colors are maintained in the original view.


However, if you still need to, in Revit …

Select element > Right Click > Override Graphics in View > By Element… > Surface Patterns

Change Color to No Override and change pattern too.

Likewise make the necessary changes to Projection Lines


I use that script in a Control View, but sometime I need to reset colors in order to control other objects.

I’ve tried what you said and that option in Override Graphics in Views doen’t appear.

I could change the projection Lines, but that just change the boundaries of the element.


Hi There,


I’ve found a node from Clockwork package that reset the overrride color.