Working with Object color, wanting a better understanding of what Dynamo does

So I built another script that looks at our Spool Tags, and based on criteria assigns them a color in a particular view. My script works pretty flawlessly now after a few hours of tweaks and what if’s, but what I notice is Dynamo is changing things you can’t do normally without Code in Revit.

It’s changing the view color as an override, without enabling it as an overridden color in the “Override Object in View”. Normally in Revit, this would be a two step process as you have to provide a color, and a pattern set to “Solid Fill”.

No additional View Filters are created (as I’d expect.)























Also, is there a way to control the edges over a full object fill, similar to how Revit would apply a System color?


I’m currently using COLOR.byARGB to set the solid fills using an Element.OverrideColorInView


To control the Projection Line Colour there are nodes in the Rhythm package “Element.OverrideProjectionLineColor”, you can do that post Element.OverrideColorInView.

Not sure about the first problem though.


RHYTHEM was a little difficult to get working (The additional libraries took a minute to get located.) but this is PERFECT! Thank you for the tip!

You’re welcome. Glad it worked!