[Request for Feedback] Dedicated Civil 3D chapter in the Dynamo Primer

Do you love Civil 3D and love Dynamo? :bridge_at_night: :railway_track: Did you wish that we had better documentation for it? :scroll: To be part of the Dynamo Primer in all it’s own glory? :books:

Well we do too! This year we are going to add a dedicated chapter on Civil 3D to the Dynamo Primer :star_struck: We want this resource to be a one-stop-shop for a new user getting into Dynamo in Civil 3D to see contextual, useful and powerful automation routines and computationally designed objects in their work-life :muscle:

So we need your help to create a content list! :pen: Note: No promises are being made to include everything in this thread, but we do promise to take it very seriously and let it inform the work to be done.

The Ask:

  • Review existing requests in this thread and attempt to not repeat them! :telescope:
  • Post your thoughts about salient topics, use cases, workflows and ways of describing Dynamo to a Civil 3D user in this thread. :thought_balloon:
  • Contribute any graphs that you think may be useful for us to consider using. :gift:

We’re super excited to get a dedicated C3D chapter into the Primer and hope that you too are as excited as we are :raised_hands:


I think it would be nice to separate the AutoCAD content from the Civil content. First few exercises work with just basic AutoCAD stuff, and after doing a few basic exercises move into the Civil Specific objects.


Finally :slight_smile:
Agree with Jacob and also adding that it would have been great to have more about the Civil 3D API and using it in Python. Also to have the possibility to learn more how to use Dynamo for modifying and create Civil 3D objects.


I would like to start from scratch, As Jacob said Basic of AutoCAD work flow then Pipe and pressure network with Adding surface. Would love to join ASAP.

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Thank you, Sol and Jacobs, for this fantastic idea.

I totally agree with Jacobs about keeping Autocad separate from C3D content. These last months I have focused entirely on two topics dynamo primer and Dynamo dictionary. Dynamo Primer is easy to understand rather than the dictionary due to the examples given in the dictionary ( since I am a beginner dynamo).

If you are going to set the C3D primer would be great to use the same context methodology as the Dynamo primer and maybe have a C3D -Dynamo dictionary which will help enormously with understanding the biology of the nods.

I also believe it is essential to understand how to set up a core connection between Dynamo-C3D and Excel, manage pipe network parameters from Excel, or maybe implement a series of driveway ramps to several corridors using a dynamo player!

One of the topics that I would love to know is how to convert from dynamo objects like curves or poly-curves and NURBS curves to feature lines, alignment, or AutoCAD polylines.

I am very aware that there are so many Dynamo C3D nodes ( Lots of thanks to Paulo, Zachri, and Anton for the fantastic work) being created, and the users should try to find a way to achieve their own goals, but still, in some stages, it is a desire to learn about /have a short document describing how to use these nodes.

Again, thanks to all of you, and I very much appreciate your time and the fantastic efforts you are making for Dynamo.

I wish you a pleasant day
Kindly regards
Salwan Abbosh


Good news on the dictionary front - an overhaul is already underway: https://portal.productboard.com/qfjdvputlmwkumpfsdyo4cdt/c/182-extended-node-help?utm_medium=social&utm_source=portal_share

Note this is ‘in product’ rather than on a web site, which is generally preferable as most (I may be the most common exception) want that content when they are in the product. An even better benefit is that it could lead to instantly getting your hands on a graph which utilizes the node in question in a functional way, perhaps by inserting it into your workspace or opening a new file.

I will tamper some of what i hope is pure joy and excitement though - this is likely only targeting Dynamo core - the Civil 3D nodes are lacking a lot of documentation, and putting that all together is a larger lift. And as always, make no purchasing decisions based on a roadmap item - all investments should be based on what the tool does today.

On the subject of ‘curve to object’… this is indeed a difficult nut to crack. The reason for this is that by my count there are 16 different curve types in Dynamo which need to be translated to their AutoCAD equivalent; and because the Dynamo data utilizes a different structure for just about every one of these types, a 1:1 conversion won’t work. As such the direct method (ie: to make an AutoCAD line you need to call the AutoCAD.Line constructor, not just convert the generic Dynamo curve) must be used, which is problematic from a user standpoint (if I pull perimeter curves from this surface will it be nurbs curves, lines, arcs, or a mix?). I have built some Python to help with this, but it fails in too many cases to be circulated, and it’s unlikely I’ll have the time to build out such code in the next few months due to a planned relocation.


Dear Jacobs,
Thank you for the explanation and the time spent dealing with some of my questions regarding Dynamo for Civil 3D. I am very thankful for every tiny piece of knowledge that light another and another achievement step within Dynamo for civil 3D and Autocad.

I wish you a pleasant weekend,


Amigos buenas. Good News, everyone can participate or is reserved to Autodesk Team and big specialist? I have a few Examples and .dyn’s what i can share for this project, for autocad mostly, i’m not to strong in C3D, can I participate to? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How should I send the files?

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We will be putting the final piece together, but very much do welcome contributions from the community! :star_struck:

So if you are willing to share them with the broader community, then feel free to add them to this thread here!

We’ll be looking to create a cohesive story around the Primer (Starting gentle, moving into fun things) so no guarantee’s it would end up there, or may be massaged, but if it’s used you’ll :100: get a shout-out from it.

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Excelent, Here goes the first of the Basic Workflow and it is to create points; you need the Package Civil3DToolKit, it is not native to the Dynamo Autocad Library but I think it should!
as extra Tip, make sure that youre points could be visibles in proportion with your drawing units!

DBPoints by Points.dyn (38.4 KB)
by the way more than a mention, a job offer to be part of the Dynamo Team Crew will be awesome to!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you, Gilberto, for the nice graph. Just learned another amazing thing about Dynamo Autocad


Amigos Buenas, following with the basics of Dynamo Autocad, Lines, LineByTwoPoints is the node that does the magic, it works the same as Line.ByStartPointEndPoint of Dynamo, be careful with the inputs, the start points must be in a different list from the end points.
Extra Tip, this nodes will not create lines in Dynamo, only in Autocad, to be able to have elements in dynamo there is two options use in paralel Line.ByStartPointEndPoint or use in serie Object.Geometry!

Lines By Two Points.dyn (28.7 KB)

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Amigos buen dia. lo siguiente de los basicos Polylines. Polyline.ByPoints do the task; it works almost the same as the Polycurve.ByPoints node, only it does not have the option: “ConnectLstToFirst”, you must also be careful with the imputs, each Polyline must have its own list of points (Minimum 2), just like the lines node, the objects will be created in the established layer, I recommend configure the layers before by this way the elements take their correct properties (Color, Line Type, Line Scale, etc.)
Extra tip, this node will not create either Elements in Dynamo, use Object.Geometry or the equivalent.

PolyLines By Points.dyn (26.6 KB)

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Amigos buenas. following with the basics, normally creating layers is a one time task, just save a template and it will be available forever, however it is good to know that we can automate the creation of layers with dynamo, maybe at some point we should update, improve or why not remake the standards of our company.
Extra tip, make special atention with the name of the Layers and Line Types the input only allows strings, also the LineType should exist in the file (means previously load).

Layer Create.dyn (17.1 KB)

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These are awesome @gilberto.arechigaiba :star_struck: Thank you so much for contributing to this thread, we’ll discuss these for sure during the Planning and no doubt they’ll make it in in some form or another.

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Thanks Amigo. tomorrow i will post a couple more!! :+1:

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