First of all,

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been using Revit for a long while now and I’m getting into facilitating Dynamo in my workflow.

I’m trying to control the height parameter of a repeater object in dynamo.

I’m getting this strange result with a step in the geometry, that I can’t understand. The repeater object is a 4 point adaptive component with an instance Height parameter.

Am I doing something wrong, or Dynamo just doesn’t agree with repeaters, and I should stick with placing my components with Dynamo?





I’ve tried different options of placing the AC starting from a different grid, placing the AC points in a reverse order or changing the number of UVs. I can’ t find the logic, how the repeater objects are sorted, so I can sort the list accordingly.

I think I need to stick with Dynamo placement.

Let me know if you have any ideas what’s the underlying algorithm for repeater object sorting.





Hi Maciej,

Just to double check something with you. What’s the number of ACs? In the screenshot you posted, you are providing only 100 height values with your code block and your lacing is set to “shortest”. That means that if you have more than 100ACs, everything after the 100th will be ignored in the “Element.SetParameterByName” node and you might get some inconsistencies.

Hi Dimitar,

The number of ACs was less than the number of height values.

But I’ve created the divided surface from scratch, as well as the AC, updated Dynamo to latest build and it works flawlessly.

I’m not sure which of these solved it, but it works.

Thanks for you help,