Adaptive component - set parameter


I am trying to set parameter to adaptive component. Does someone knows is it possible? What goes wrong?


screenshot.2015-07-13 15.33.40

Hello Harri Humppi,

Can you check what is the type of Parameter and whether its editable manually in revit or not.

It seems this is a read only parameter and hence you are not able to set it through Dynamo.




I am trying eg. to control triangle “height” through dynamo. Type is Shared parameter+ Instance + Reporting parameter. Parameter is seen in Revit, but i am not able to change it.

Is there a way to control this parameter?

Thanks! -H

screenshot.2015-07-21 15.15.49






I’d probably take a different approach to assigning that height parameter.

Assuming that you have created the AC family as I would…

In the AC file, click on the tab towards the right of the Positive Offset and proceed to create your parameter. Ensure that it is an Instance parameter.

In all probability, things should work well when you try to set the parameter value through Dynamo.