Placing Adapitve Component

Hi Guys,

I’ve a small question regarding the placement of an adaptive component.

I’ve a simple adaptive familiy consisting of 4 adaptive points that I would like to place using Dynamo. When I list the points in a list the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints isn’t working. Manually the Familiy is working like it should.

Does anybody has some tips what I’m doing wrong here?

Have you tried setting lacing to Shortest?

You coordinates look ok i.e going in an anticlockwise direction (so corners of adaptive family don’t cross)

I was wondering what units you are using- is 0.96mm too small for Revit ? (I can’t remember what the minimum is, something in 1/32 of an inch I think)

If the issue is units, it can be resolved by changing the length units in Revit.

However, in this case the problem is Lacing, as indicated in the image below…

Thnx Vikram you were completely right!!

I changed the lacing to shortest and it worked. While trying to get my input in order I forgot to set it back;)