Sort repeater objects?

I’ve got an adaptive component with a repeater inside it, and a family with a subfamily for rotation control placed on that repeater. I’m trying to extract geometric information about that subfamily to excel. I can’t make any sense of what order the elements are being extracted by dynamo, and I can’t figure out any way to get at the node numbers of the repeater with dynamo.

Here’s my adaptive family. There are two adaptive points with a line between them, and a repeater placed on that line:

My graph is kind of complicated because I’m doing a lot of data massaging, but basically I’m just extracting data from the subfamily, and I need it in some kind of sensible order to be useful.

Is there a way to get at those node numbers and put it into an instance parameter maybe?

I actually just dusted off this project and am still having the same issue, any ideas? I tried placing new geometry since I figured it might have gotten jumbled while re-defining the family, but same result.