Renaming Shared Parameters

It looks very doable… Jeremy has a solution and likewise at Autodesk forum.

But I don’t understand the need for such a node for users in general. Shared Parameters is something there should be maintained on a company level, and they should focus on naming the parameters, let Autodesk take care of the guids. It is the guids that ensure that two parameters named the same in different settings doesn’t cause breakdown in data structures. So my aim is simple, don’t mess with the guids :slight_smile:

Transfering values between families and projects, can you give an example where that is needed? I imagine that it is doable, but it might include some data middleware, like a txt/csv/xlsx file.


Is it possible to do something like this with element types? or is it exclusive for .rfa

I have nodes for project parameters as well, these are nearly the same as the OOTB nodes.

Try to change the nodes for family documents with the comparable nodes for a “project”

Hi Eric,

we just experienced this like the company consolidate the business name, so we need to do bulk update with new prefix. I have tried what you said. but it dosent create the new shareded parameters with existing value. could you please help to identify the issue? Many thanks in advance.

@dylanpeng, did you ever resolve your graph? If yes, what was wrong?

What I had to do was simply create a New Template (RTE) & at the initial creation, Renamed the SPs in the file & did a Save As…(new name.txt) {this is the so called “taboo” part} & loaded all my SP’s into a virgin RTE file; then removed all SP’s from Project Parameter list. Then transferred all project settings from the original RTE (just had to recreate Model views, & assign View Type Settings to Sect/Elev/etc…). This was way more efficient than replacing the tons to SP’s I had in RTE & my content library. My SP count range is +100-150.

@Marcel_Rijsmus, is this what you were hoping would be invented?

Create project parameters by using the exported Shared Parameters from a Family

@JustinStirling No, what i am after is to get and set parameter values by parameter GUID (if there are parameters with the same name).