Rename sharedParameter in Revit, even possible?


is it even possible to rename shared Parameters. I know i can edit the string part in the .txt
Can i do it also in Revit?

Or is the workflow create 110 new shared parameters and delete the old ones!?
I also want to maintain properties like type, categories, groups,… of each parameter




I don’t know a simple way of setting/renaming shared parameters without replacing them. Where I use to work we had to change the shared parameters name from the drawings we got from our India group. something as simple as a space would throw off the release of the project. I used the following video form the Aussie BIM Guru to make a script that you can “replace”, just change the name, of all 16 shared parameters and still keep all of the attached data. Hope this helps.


Does it also work for Projects

finally i can delete all my shared Parameters in the project

No, project parameters cannot be replaced. Once they are added to a project it never forgets its GUID.

There are some messy workarounds but they always lead to problematic outcomes due to the GUID being remembered.

My workflow/video only works for loadable families.


So the only workflow is delete them all and create them new?

Can i do that with a passthrough methode?

Actually the parameters are not yet in use! so i could delete them! and rename (prefix_add) the .txt and reload them?



I usually recommend making new parameters with a new guid - bad practice to rename in the txt file as they would clash with old parameters.

When i run this workflow I usually add the new ones, use a bit of dynamo and some manual work to move data over and finally delete them.

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