Rename Shared Parameter in a txt file

Hi all,

I want to translate shared parameter files, so I translated directly into the text file of the shared parameter file to keep the same GUIDs. I’m looking for a way to update my project with these new settings labels, is it possible?

Hi Rémy,
I don’t think I understood your request correctly, but you can find the GUIDs easily and recreate a new shared parameter file with the same GUIDs like this :

Thanks Alban,
I don’t want to recreate, I want to update the project parameter associated with a shared parameter whose label I have changed in the text file.

It is still not clear.
What do you mean by label / libellé of a shared parameter? The name of the parameter / The Description ?

The name, excuse me for my bad explanation :sweat_smile:

I would be change a name of project parameter associated a shared parameter

It is not possible to rename the project parameter associated to a shared parameter once it was created.
You can change the Parameter Name in the shared parameter file, but this will have no effect.
The best is to transfer the parameter values ​​to a new parameter with the new name and delete the old shared parameter.

On the other hand, for shared parameters in families, there are well-known workarounds.

Can you tell me which ones ?

Hi @Remy_Maurcot maybe look at that:
Replace Shared Parameters

Try Crumple the great package from @GavinCrump

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I don’t think Dynamo is the most suitable tool for this task.

  • Update the Parameter Name in your shared Parameter file.
  • Create an empty project.
  • Add the Project Parameters with the updated names from the Shared Parameter file before loading in any families.
  • Load the families with the old Family Parameter Names and they will acquire the new names.
  • Save the Families from the project.

I’ve posted here but I’m not necessarily looking for a dynamo solution, if I have to create a program to do it I’m fine with it.

Thanks for your link