Create project parameters by using the exported Shared Parameters from a Family

Dear All,
Is there a way by dynamo to do the following :
1- open the loaded family document.
2- get family shared parameters.
3- export the shared parameters to the shared parameter file
4- move the parameters from the group of “exported Parameters” to the desired one.
5- Return to the project then create a project parameters by the shared exported parameters.
Till now i can create the dynamo that perform all the above mentioned points except point 3 and 4
Please any help ?

@Alban_de_Chasteigner, @Kulkul, @Konrad_K_Sobon , @awilliams , @Vikram_Subbaiah , @JacobSmall , @erfajo
Any Help Please ??

I’m tied up with work stuff. Post the rfa and dyn and you’ll be more likely to get assistance with this.

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Hi Abdallah,

What difficulties did you encounter ? That’s enough straightforward with appropriate packages.

Shared Parameter file edited :

Project Parameters added :


Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner for your consequetive efforts
But the issue is that the above graph creats a new shared parameter with a new GUID so this will need to create the same parameter again in family to be able to edit in the parameter in project so all what i could need is to export the parameter from the family to the shared parameter file to get a parameter with the same GUID then use this parameter to create a project parameter in project becuse the Revit knows that it use the same parameter from the GUID not from just the name, type and parameter group.

The Revit API allows to set the GUID while adding shared parameters to the shared parameters text file.
This requires the creation of a new custom node with the addition of a GUID input.


Dear Alban,
Could you share the custom node with the addition of a GUID input. ??