Replacing Shared Parameters

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a way to replace Shared Parameters! (and not there values)

For example… let’s say I created several families with some Shared Parameters and now I want to change the names of those parameters… I created new ones and I don’t want to have to change all the parameters manually.

Any ideas? Thank you very much,


  1. create a new shared parameter - the definitions for that are in the forum
  2. copy the values from old parameter to new parameter (all occurances)
  3. delete definition for old parameter
    should work

What you are describing is manual.
Or did I miss understand?

My concern are not the values for now, it’s the parameters and their naming.

jigu that is exactly what i tried to explain!
in my reply i was just talking about parameters not values

What Peter outlined is the only viable approach. That is because once you add a shared parameter to a project or a family, it gets converted to a binding. From what I’ve tried, Revit’s api does not provide us with any tools to track the guid of the original shared parameter from that binding.

Hello Guys,

I have the same issue at hand.

Is it possible to do step no. 2 using Dynamo?
2) copy the values from old shared (type) parameter to new shared (type) parameter
(all occurances)

Thanks so much in advance !

Yes. The Element.GetParameterValueByName and Element.SetParameterByName nodes allow for this behavior. Just make sure you are feeding in the right elements.

best peter