Rename family names Dynamo 1.x

thanks for the suggestion @kbruxvoort

I’ve noticed when using the CTC Tools for Batch Loader or Unifi and doing a Batch Insert, Revit doesn’t allow for it to overwrite parameter values. It recognizes the same Family name and fails to make any changes. This tool helps to side step this quirk about Revit but is frustrating because now all the families just renamed have to be swapped out for the newly refreshed families coming in. Very useful tool so thank you for this Ernesto!

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I was trying to run the script but I am facing an error,
List.GetItemAtIndex node operates with the warning:

Warning: List.GetItemAtIndex operation failed.
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index

By the way I am trying to run the script of @Ernesto_Pellegrino

I am using Revit 2018 and the latest version of Dynamo

Hey @yusufbugra can you paste here some pictures please?

happy it helped :slight_smile:

Will give this a try soon. Looks great to help having consistency in family naming conventions.

I used to use BulkRenameUtility but outside of Revit…

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I tried it in 2.0 Player, but it doesn’t give me the Fields, but it works when I switch to 1.3 Player.

To make this work in 2,0 what steps should be taken…replace the old nodes with the new???

Thanks X this post really helpful

I am new with use of Dynamo scripts.
I am using Revit 2015 for current project.
All family types are in Chinese language as model done by china based company.
I need guidance to change family name & type from Chinese to English.

Seeking guidance for the same.


Hello @Ernesto_Pellegrino ,

I used your dyn string to change family name and it’s fine.
I need to change the family type name as well from cinese to english…
can you help me on the same?


hi @cftrevizo,
probably you should make sure that all of the custom nodes and libraries are correctly loaded into 2.0
To be honest I do not remember what packages I’ve used, but if you start 1.3, make a screenshot, and then start the 2.0 and look at the loaded packages… hope it helps :slight_smile:

hello @Bhishma,
I don’t know if I can help you right now, probably this will need few hours (because I’m a newbiee)…
Next week I’ll try to cut some time for this…

Try not to post the same question to multiple locations. It makes it harder to get you and others and answer.

See here:


I added a comment to the link Sean provided.

Hello @SeanP
actually this is my first time using the blog :sweat_smile: thanks for your advice i will delete the other posts :slight_smile:


I’m facing some troubles with the script. When I click Run Script, a different window appears than what you have:

Can you please check, it’s very urgent. Your help will be much appreciated! Thank you.

What happens when you run the graph in Dynamo?

It says “Run completed

Yet I noticed something in the graph itself. A warning message:

What does that mean?

It means you don’t have that package installed.
Check if you have Clockwork Package installed.

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