Rename family names Dynamo 2.x

Hi all, :raised_hands:
some users asked during the past weeks for an upgrade of the rename family name graph.
I just made few changes and updated it to the Dynamo 2.x vers.

Please make sure you’ve installed the clockwork and data-shapes packages.
have fun :upside_down_face:


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Hi, first thanks for creating this script. Will definitely save me a lot of time renaming families if I get it to work.

Sorry if it’s a stupid question but it’s my first time using dynamo, but when I run the script it opens fine, asks me what text I want to search for and replace but then after that nothing happens. Dynamo player says “Run completed with errors.” the errors I believe are the ones below. Installed packages are below.
I’m running Revit 2019.2 with Dynamo

Any help would be appreciated.

Use instead of that node “Passthrogh” from Clockwork.

hello @martinlopez, you could also use the OOTB node DataStream.Await