Ad prefix to the family type by dynamo and rename the family name and push the new names from dynamo to revit

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Question 1 - i want to rename Family Type in my project , just add the prefix ELE_LUM_ to the family type of the Category : Luminaires .
i did my script like this but i can’t push the new names from revit to dynamo so if you could help me i will be thankful.

Question 2 - Also i want to add the same prefix ELE_LUM_ to the family name in the Category Luminaire but i cant chose the family name in dynamo ;
is there a method just to filter the wanted family name in dynamo

The problem you are having is because you are just collecting the Elements (instances) of each type, not the Family Types nor the Families.

See this post:

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Something like the image below…

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Hello @SeanP @cftrevizo
thanx for your answers :slight_smile: , i tried this one with element Type (instance type) and still doesnt work :confused:
but i dont want to select all the family i want to choose them by categories to chose the family type of the category LUMINAIRES.

You could try the node “Element.SetName” of the package “BattleBIM”. This node works for me.

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