Rename family name and family type with Excel 2

Hi All,
I think you talked before about this topic and really it’s very useful and I did the first step to export the families to the excel but the second step to rename there something wrong with it

this is the first script

this is the second one

I will appreciate your help

From the watch nodes it looks like nothing is happening - try using “Element.Type” instead of the Family instance.Type node (I’m not sure where you got that from…)

I also don’t think you want to use UniqueItems on your FamilyType.Family and Family.Name nodes. You already got the unique list of types so using it on the name won’t do anything and using it on the family will remove duplicate families (which you want for unique types within the same family.)

no Problem in this node it works well when I put it I didn’t run the script

and it also works in the first script for exporting to excel as I want but the problem I have that I can’t rename it again from excel to revit. when I change it as you told me it didn’t export anything

@Thomas_Mahon can you help ??

There are many people on the forum capable of helping you; can you explain your problem in detail and identify where the problem stems from so the community can offer some solutions?

I made two scripts the first one is to export the families naming to excel sheet (works well) and the second one I want to rename the families in the excel and then import it to the revit file (not working)

in the bottom part of your second script, you are feeding in element names instead of elements.
most of the time you can recognise elements from the Id (in green) in the list.

Can you explain more

What Marcel means is that your input are the ‘elements names’ not the ‘elements’ in the right bottom of your second script. So now you are giving the element names as input for the ‘element’ and as the ‘name’

I still believe a lot of information is missing from this post…

  1. What is your “error”
  2. What are you trying to do, I cannot follow the phrase:
  1. Try reading the primer, I think that would benefit you a lot and negate a lot of future issues:

  2. It does not seem that there is any concurrency between the Elements that you are pulling and the names coming from excel, how are you ensuring that it is the right elements that you are renaming?
    Please try rearranging your graph as it is quite messy and add some explanations, both to what you are attempting to do and what you think each step is doing.

Any for this comment… What is not working, what are the errors, information please.

If you upload both excel, Dynamo and stripped down Revit model you save people the hassle of having to reinvent the wheel in order to assist you.

thank you very much jonathan
I will avoid this things next time.
all the families in the project the modelers made it without using our naming convention so I want to export it to excel file and rename it in the excel and then import it again
this script for exporting to excel
Family name.dyn (23.8 KB)
and this one to import it to from excel to revit
Family name 2.dyn (35.1 KB)
you can use an empty excel file

Did you solve your problem with import back from excel to revit?
Im quite a newbie and want to use your scrypt :slight_smile:

unfortunately no

This.dyn file is not opening in my dynamo 1.2


Hi All,
I think I have the solution. I will share it shortly.
Rename Family-Type names EXCEL Final V3.dyn (84.7 KB)

Is there not a way to solve it, in the same script?

Hi Draxl,

No it will not change when I tried to customize and integrate in this script. So I integrated this script to another script which renaming family by STRING name then used the process of the two together to rename all families in revit.
Here is he script sample video:

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