Rename Families Name using Excel and Dynamo

Hey there,

I am working on a project where I came across to change family names as per BEP. We have different files area wise with common families used, I have collected all families name in an excel sheet and put a new name in the next column. I was just wondering if I can do something with dynamo so that I can change same name in all files.

I have following code but don’t know what to do next so that dynamo can compare names in excel and revit.

here is excel view:


Take a look at the Orchid package from @erfajo as there are a lot of nodes dealing with this type of stuff in his package.

use clockwork package node Element.SetName

Tell us how is it working? :slightly_smiling_face:


Bro I am trying to get the data from excel and then change. What your are telling its simple.

Hey do you have any sample or working file of it?

that was just an example you need to workout whole from matching of revit families to excel data( old ) then replace it new data column of excel.

this is the logic even i dont have any sample file for it.