Rename Family names. by Excel

Hi all,
Sometime I have to array same families over and over again.

There are same family, but there has different position.
so I made this graph to distinguish them,

it contains script like this.
(This script had the help of a friendly pioneer.)

It can change the names of families by adding one after the family name.
This is useful.

But What I really want is…
Load the Excel document and change the name of the family to Excel string.

I’ve tried several nodes, but I have not found a suitable solution.
I need your advice.

Structural Frame, Change Names of families.dyn (86.5 KB)


You can use this node to change family names in your project with a string.

I used it in a family rename script but you can use excel to rename it

Thanks, Hugo.
But I need some more information to use this node…

Structural Frame, Change Names of families2.dyn (98.4 KB)

Am I misunderstanding this node?

Yes you are using the node correctly.

You put in the families you want to change the name and the new name they need to have.

Thankyou, Hugo.
I tried this node. but this doesn’t work.
No errors but 's Not changed.

I think this is because of some bugs.
and I found this topic.

I’m still don’t figure out this,
but I’m very thank you for your advise about this node.