Rename Family Name and Family Type Name From Excel Input

Hi All,

I have exported all Family Name and Family Type Name to Excel for the purpose of Family Rename. There is one Node for Element.SetName from the Clockwork package. But think is only works with Rename for Family Type name. I want to Rename for Family name also from the Excel.
Could you please share the any other solution.


@r.rajaRBHA5 not sure if this helps but you could rename family’s directly in dynamo rather than going in to excel.

Hi Kai,

Thanks for immediate responding…

The thing is i want to modify the intermediate text also. not only Prefix and Suffix.


Not a problem to be honest I have not tried via excel.
Dependant on how consistent your naming methodology is I would assume it could be achievable via splitting the string to your requirements after the family name node and rebuild final name to suit.
Share what you have currently got as well as naming methodology and hopefully someone can help
Cheers Kai

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Hi Kai,

below the image 1 for Excel input.

image 2 for Revit

There you can find Family Type Name is Updated but as per Excel input. But Family Name is not updated as per Excel input. For the example i have updated Prefix.


Hello @r.rajaRBHA5

You might be placing both the stuff in family or family type.

i have done the same exercise and its working fine, you can refer these file for better understand.
(you can select the category as per your requirement and excel file path)

Export excel.dyn (30.8 KB)
Import excel.dyn (52.6 KB)

hi @honeyjain619

I have tried but I’m getting a Empty List. pls refer below snap

You excel file is empty

This is my Excel File.

You can you follow my method for extracting the family and family type name in excel, it wont be confusing.

In your case, family name is coming multiple time and depend upon family type under that family. that is making your script complicated.
Export data using this script, you can add or delete category as per your requirement

you will get this type of output.

then you can write the updated name as per your requirement.

then feed the updated excel in import file (just make sure all category in import and export file must be same)

In your case, where is new family and family type name ?
means in which column ?