How to Dynamo rename all Family Types from excel

Hi all ,
i want to export all family types to excel sheet then rename it on excel sheet , then import it from excel sheet to rename the family types inside the revit again

Hi @ashraf.nabil.uae I guess you have a mistake with the selection of the rooms, could you upload your dynamo file to check it?

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Hi @arquimanu export furniture name.dyn (9.2 KB)

You can try with node this from package Orchid

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There is lot of thread regarding this. If you go through it will help you…

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Hi @chuongpqvn actually iinstalled this package but i cannt find this node


Please visit link github in description to download and install by hand.

i tried to do this , but it’s not working , so can anyone help me to know why it’s not working properly

i already installed it but it’s not working