Relay for Revit - Adding .dyns to Ribbon


Adding .dyns to your Revit ribbon has been a “hot topic” for quite some time. Even recently we have seen others do this in very clever ways.

I won’t link all of the other ways on this post as there are already a lot of posts on here about them

With all of this development, I became curious about how one could go about doing this, so I started investigating.

After reading these posts on the forum, (here and here, I managed to get something that mostly works. :grin:

After spending a little time creating and documenting the tool, I am pleased to say that we open-sourced it (under the GPL-3 License).

If you are interested, check out the documentation here:

and the Github here:

and it in action here:

and a picture of a cool duck here:

Keep in mind that the tool is provided “as-is” and open-source. It should not be considered a full “production-ready” tool.

*Edit: If you end up using the tool and make a sweet ribbon, please share the screenshots here! :blush:


Give some more credit to the guys that
did half the work and its even better.
Love it.
It prevents making money for some
All the better.

Started my sweet ribbon :slight_smile:




What would happen if there are multiple versions of Dynamo installed? Currently using Dyno with R19 & R20 and have split packages due to dynamo V1.3 & 2.3 and there is no issue there. Looking at how to continue using a ribbon with R21 as the latest dyno update won’t support R19 due to the dynamo version.

Revit 2019 has Dynamo 2.0.4 so I would say to give it a shot with that setup. (Relay is built against the Dynamo 2.x.x API)

Oh this is shameless self promotion but we do support that very easily in Orkestra :slight_smile:


Very cool. I mentioned Orkestra on the notion documentation for the tool too. :slightly_smiling_face: