Dyno Browser with Revit 2021

We’ve used Dyno 0.9.0 with Revit 2019 for quite a while now and have developed our own ribbon toolbar that we’ve gotten used to using.

I’m pushing us toward Revit 2021 and testing to make sure there won’t be any issues switching over.

Turns out, Dyno doesn’t seem to work with Revit 2021 at all.

I have uninstalled Dyno 0.9.0, rebooted and installed Dyno 1.0.1. When I try to load a script in Dyno it says it can’t detect Dynamo in this Revit version and implies I need to reinstall Revit.

So, I completely removed Revit 2021 and Dyno, rebooted and reinstalled both.

Same thing.

Is anyone using Dyno with 2021? Did you have any issues getting it working?

@Aleksey_Lobanov…any help is appreciated!

Did you have any success with Dynamo & Revit 2021. Dynamo Player works but not Dynamo itself. I have uninstalled, & reinstalled Revit 2021. Uninstalled and reinstalled Dynamo 2.04 & 1.3.4, deleted every Add in I can find plus renamed my Analytics folder to Analytics_old.
Any ideas?



Yes. Dynamo works fine. I can run scripts without issue. I just had to alter them slightly to work with package versions built for 2021.

2020 and 2021 came packaged with Dynamo sorta built-in. They don’t use Dynamo 2.04 or 1.3.4. I think the latest version for Revit 2021 is Dynamo 2.6. It installs with 2.5, I believe, but can be updated to 2.6.

Correction: I see now they are up to 2.8: https://dynamobuilds.com/

I finally got it to open by deleting every add in there was. Dumb question as I am only just picking up dynamo, when you download the zip folder containing the new 2.8 build, It places everything in your download folder. What do you do then? Do you copy the folders to a different location and which file do you click to make it run. I found a .exe file but not sure if that is the right one as nothing happened.



May i suggest a shameless plug :slight_smile:
Try our Orkestra https://www.orkestra.online/

Any luck getting it to work? I’m running across the same issue.

Nope. No luck whatsoever and no reply from support. :-/

You would copy the downloaded files to the Dynamo install folder. I don’t have Revit 2021 installed here at home or I’d tell you which folder.

To run Dynamo, you start it from within Revit by clicking the Dynamo icon on the ribbon.

Still not sure upgrading Dynamo is going to fix the issue you were having, though.

Thanks for that. The ridiculous thing is that I am so busy I need to know dynamo to help me speed up. When software doesn’t behave itself it does my head in. Oh well, one must push through.

I got into drafting to get out of the sheep yards. We have just finished shearing and watching the guys come in over the last two weeks makes dynamo not so bad. Anything to avoid wrestling 500 sheep in 2 pens.

Thanks for your responses.


I went to the website. Looks really good. I am guessing that you need to request a Demo to get a download or is there another way?
Can you run a Playlist from a Button on the ribbon? That would really help to shorten some long, over encumbered graphs.

Yes to all the above :slight_smile:

Sounds amazing. The big question is: How much? :smiley:

Pricing will be announced in January but it will be per user /monthly
Still pretty cheap but i am biased lol

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I gotcha. So, I can’t buy it yet anyway. :slight_smile:

Fill out the form for the beta in the mean time

Good news seems like Dyno Browser got a new update. I’m about to test it but I assume it can detect Dynamo 2.6 in 2021 now.

@felixowns Oh cool! I’ll have to check that out!

Hi, have you had any success? I am just curious, cause on the website it sill says it hasn’t been tested in 2021:

Try orkestra, pyrevit, nonica or relay. All are still supported by their authors.

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pyRevit is a different thing :slight_smile: we have been using it already for a couple of years now. Nonica is quite expensive when you need to deploy graphs on large number of stations. For me it doesn’t make sense, since there’s Dynamo Player :slight_smile: At this point, for us it will either be a free solution, or just stick with Dynamo Player, as it has been so far.

Actually I found the new Dyno release: