Dyno - Releases and News

Hello guys!

I decided to create this topic as some kind of official Dyno topic where I could share the news and program updates, as well as future plans, features and so on.
I hope the moderators won’t mind ))

The most recent info about the program:

Dyno version 0.5.0 to work with Dynamo 1.1-1.2

The planned common functions in future:

  • Script launching by Revit events
  • Script search - implemented
  • Filter/Search history - implemented
  • Batch scripts launching
  • Script lacing
  • Zoom in browser
  • Dark color scheme

I’m happy to announce that we transferred all the content and manuals about Dyno to PRORUBIM website.

Soon there will be the part of the site devoted to Dyno Studio, which I’ll talk about in more detail and will give information how to use it.

I’d be glad to hear your wishes and suggestions.



I have not used Dyno yet but I am starting to look into it. Apologies if this is a feature and I missed it.

Many of the scrips I write require some user input. Select a file, entre an number, boolean toggle, ex… Is there a way once the button has been clicked to prompted you with setting on how to run the script?

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You can set various inputs before script will be evaluating. Or you can select some elements in Revit view and run script. This elements will be passed into script on running via button or line in Dyno browser.

Promt feature for inputs after button pressing will be avaliable in next releases.

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I just downloaded it. So far so good :slight_smile:

I will keep people posted as I continue to try it on my project which is using many Dynamo dyn.

@Aleksey_Lobanov Dyno Studio will be a OpenSource platform?

I’ve been playing with the select elements/face feature in Dyno. The select Element worked finebut the select Face didn’t.

This is the preset file that I´m using. The only 2 inputs of my script are the ones that I’m trying to ask dyno for.

“hideOriginal” : true,
“presets” : {
“SelectElement”:{“type”:“element”, “mode”:“one”},




Thanks in advance.

Punta_Muro.dyn (43.0 KB)

No, DynoStudio will be shareware product, but UI forms created via it will open by Dyno Browser

Regarding face selection

It seems preset is created right. I will test this feature on my presets

Hello Guys,

A lot of people had been waiting for it. And if you wait long enough your wishes come true))

The new Dyno 0.5 has been released!

Version 0.5 – is much bigger than 0.4.1 and this is exactly half. It’s true that this release has a lot of new features and fixes.
Some of them were often asked for, and some of them are our own ideas. It’s amazing and the motto of this release is “More comfort”. I will make a video about all new possibilities a little bit later. The documentation are also coming soon.

Enter the page and then download

And now here’s a list of new possibilities and fixes:

  • No tree restrictions. Group your scripts the way you want, any nested levels or in the root of your storage. Earlier they could only be located in the subfolders of 1st level.

  • Several storage places. Add several script storages (for example, for different departments of different tasks). They will be merged into the single tree.

  • Project storage. Do you need scripts for some project in particular? Put the scripts in its folder and Dyno will show them in the browser.

  • Script filter and search. Are there too many scripts? Filter scripts in your browser, saving only the ones that you need. The filter works for script names as well as group names. Search line is saved in the settings and isn’t cleared.

  • Multiple script and group filter. Would you like to enter several search parameters? Write them using comma.

  • Quick script and group isolation. Click onto the script or group while holding ALT key and its name will be added to the search line – the element is isolated!

  • Dropdown script menus on the tool ribbon. Yes, that is it. Just write the name of the group in buttons.txt file and there will be a new dropdown list button for the elements containing these scripts.

  • Comments for scripts and parameters. Work with parameter comments was fixed and there’s a new feature – making comments for scripts.

  • Invisible parameters in presets. Do you want to add parameter into your script but you don’t want the user to edit it from the browser? Hide it.

  • Button title auto wrapping. If your name is too large the button won’t be too wide in the tools ribbon anymore.

  • Script errors in the separate list. If the script has errors, they are now shown in the special sublist in the script output data.

  • Improved button abbreviation. Now there can be not only 2, but 3 letters and numbers are processed separately.

  • Fixed browser floating pane. The separate browser floating window is out of date and not convenient and therefore it was removed. But some pane mode browser errors were fixed and it allowed to leave only it.

  • We fixed work of browser pane while scaling graphics in Windows. The fans of notebooks will appreciate it.

  • Saving of the tree state. The condition of all open and closed parts of the browser tree is saved. Now if you close Revit and open it again, you will see the familiar creative mess.

  • Added support of multiple face and edge selection, which appeared 1.2 Dynamo.

  • Preset and UI form states. All lines in browser have icons for preset and UI form state.

  • Button states. All lines in browser have color strokes for presets and groups with buttons on ribbon panel.

  • And various small fixes.


I have some questions related to Dyno :
1- When Dyno-Studio will be released ?
2- Is Dyno-Studio Free ?
3- Could you add the option to add icon pictures to button created by Dyno ?

Appreciate your efforts :slight_smile:

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Hi MegaMax

  1. In next month i hope
  2. No, Dyno Studio will be not free, but UI forms created with Dyno Studio will be able for using with Dyno Browser (it`s mean Dyno Studio might be neded for BIM department or script creators, not common Revit users)
  3. I will think about it ))) (might be add a poll? )
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Hi Alexey,

Could you please share with us how can we use Dyno to batch process .rvt files automatically ?


[quote=“chiril.matei, post:14, topic:5954”]
Could you please share with us how can we use Dyno to batch process .rvt files automatically ?
[/quote]Wouldn’t one use the journal trick for that like anything?

I also found https://github.com/andydandy74/DynamoAutomation – “…allows Dynamo users to batch process multiple Revit models by driving Revit (and the Dynamo addin) from the outside…”

Hi @Aleksey_Lobanov

How I can set an input before run the code


Thanks truevis, this seems to be the solution I am looking for. However I keep running into an issue, could you advise me please ?

Having only one version of dynamo 0.9 has apparently solved this issue, however now revit pops-up this error:

Has anyone faced this before ?

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar

You need to make preset file for your script and set data for input nodes. See the Dyno manual on site.

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Hi @Aleksey_Lobanov,

Will be a Dyno Studio trial version?



Yes, Dyno Studio will has trial version))
Thanks for your interest!