Reinforce a solid created in Dynamo



I’ve created a solid in Dynamo and then imported it to Revit. However, I can´t place rebars in the solid even if i use the generic model template to save the solid as a family and activate the " Can host rebar " option. Is it possible to reinforce a solid created in Dynamo ?

Solid to Revit to Accept Reinforcement

Hello Marques,

Did you try exploding the solid first? Mind you the solid has to be closed so that a form remains after the explosion.


Just to add some more info: The ImportInstance.ByGeomeTRIES node gave me some problems when exporting multiple solids, using the ImportInstance.ByGeomeTRY solved it. The first one was behaving strange when drawing sections, sometimes the section appeared empty. The exploding of the model is a MUST in order to place the Rebar otherwise Revit can´t recognize the solid as a proper host.


Hi Rodrigo,

Have you tried the “Form.ByGeometry” node from spring nodes? It might prove more robust than the default import instance functionality.


Dimitar, the form.bygeometry is not working with me, got an example ?



Sure. Check out the repository:

What error message are you receiving? Also forms work only in the family environment.


Form.bygeometry works great! thanks