Importing reinforcement

Hello everyone,

Firstly I would like to welcome everyone. I just started my journey with Dynamo. So far the software is very interesting and useful.

I am still in process of learning so maybe my problem has an easy solution that I am not seeing at this point.
I am trying to automate creating reinforcement for rectangular foundation. I have an excel spreadsheet which give me footing width, length and height. I have also information about reinforcement needed.
To create foundation and import it to Revit I used this formula:

Then I created lines with an offset from the edge of the solid. I am using DynamoRebar to create reinforcement from those lines and put reo into a solid that I created and imported to Revit. I am getting a warning that host element is not a valid rebar host. I assume that the way I imported my solid is not correct and that is why I’m getting this warning.

Thanks in advance for reply.

I’m not sure the DirectShape can host Rebar. Look at this article:

I think Spring Nodes has a family.byGeometry node that I have used before.

It looks like these are the elements that can host rebar:

from Autodesk Site:

Valid hosts include the following families:

Structural Framing
Structural Columns
Structural Foundations
Structural Connections
Foundation Slab
Wall Foundation
Slab Edge
Concrete parts created from surface elements such as walls and floors possess rebar cover and can host rebar, rebar sets, area reinforcement, path reinforcement, and fabric reinforcement.

Note: You can enable Generic Model elements to host reinforcement. Open the element in the Family Editor. On the Properties palette, select Can Host Rebar in the Structural section. Reload the family into your project.

Hey Timon,
Thank you for your reply. I went a bit around I have inserted a generic rectangular footing and I am using dynamo to change it’s parameters. Anyway thank you again for reply.

I would like to know more about the script
Since I have a similar project but already have the pilecaps modeled in Revit but I want to import the reinforcement from Excel to Revit.
is it only information of rebars or modeled reinforcement as detail lines?

waiting for your response

Thank you

If l have a DirectShape.ByGeometry via a solid loft, how can l make it accept reinforcement when it is pushed into Revit?