Refinery Server not running issue


Hi all,

I’m playing around with Refinery in Dynamo 2.0.2 and am having an issue when creating a new study in Refinery - i get the issue ‘Server is not running’.

Is this an issue with the Refinery server actually being down or is it an IT issue whereby the network i’m on is not setup to connect to the Refinery server?

Anyone else have this issue pop up? If so, what did you do to resolve it?



Can you post an image of the error?



So the ‘server’ is executed locally on your C drive. Can you open up task manager and see if RestDynamoCore.Exe and RefineryServer.exe are running?

If not, my guess is that it’s an AV/ASW or Permissions issue (so local security).

Also what version of Refinery are you using? Be sure to keep up to date as a lot of this stuff changes fast.


FYI @Lilli_Smith


Got the same issue, but RestDynamoCore.Exe and RefineryServer.exe are running on the task manager. BTW, I am using Refinery 0.4.26


What is the CPU usage of the RestDynamoCore tasks? If they and the arefinery server are all idling at 0% then you need to force quit the process tree for RefineryServer (right click it in the details, select end process tree - that will stop all the Refinery Server instances and the RestDynamoCore instances). Then close and restart Dynamo. Then restart refinery. Once you’re back in the process may or may not kick back off where it stopped