No results or thumbnails in Refinery

I have been using Dynamo Sandbox to test out some massing option, the objective was to use Refinery to solve for the optimum massing option, however, Refinery fails to enlist the fitness values or thumbnails.

Start by checking to see if you have instances of RestDynamoCore using some compute power in task manager. If not then the service failed to start. Restart your CPU and try again.

The issue is, in the same session, other graphs are working, its just his one graph that is causing the issue. I am trying to upload the files, but as i am a new user, i cant upload yet.

Try uploading now.

Also, how long does your graph take to execute?

Within Sandbox its almost instant.
Plot Test.dyn (104.7 KB)
Plot Test 2.sat (2.7 KB) Plot Test.sat (1.9 KB)

What Refinery build are you using? Are you attempting any multi-threading or other experimental stuff in the many python nodes?

Replace the codeblock ReqArea = x[0]; with ReqArea = x;.

You’re pulling an index from an item which triggers a failure in newer Dynamo builds (which Refinery leverages under the hood for reduced compute time). You’ll see the same failure if you launch Dynamo Sandbox 2.1.0 or later.

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Ace! That was the problem. Now that you pointed it out, it seems very silly. Thanks a lot Jacob.

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