Failure to Launch Project Refinery

Hi there,

Seems that I’m experiencing some issues with projet refinery. Every time I clicked on Launch Refinery, the refinery page displayed like this.

Anyone has clue of what’s happening?


Best to ask on the Refinery beta site.

What is showing in task manager for active processing during/after launch?

Thanks, will do.
I updated it to the latest version and here’s a screenshot of my task manager.

We’re you launching via Revit or via Dynamo Sandbox?

Dynamo Revit. I tried one sample file and it works okay though. In the latest refinery, the refinery working page looks like this. The optimization process never finishes.

Can you get a randomization run to work? You likely will need to stop all runs and restart the system before trying. The slew of 0/10 kinda indicates the system may not be starting restdynamocore correctly, and the many which are open on launch indicates they are trying to restart on launch but can’t quite get there for some reason.

This page is freezed, and I’m not able to delete any of those. Restart and even reinstall are not helping.
My issue is the same as this one:

I’ll stiil try randomisation and also give it a go in sandbox though.


Likely you’ll just make the problem worse if you can’t hit
stop on the processing graphs. Think you need to clean out your studies first. This may be where you need advice from the Refinery team (they may be offline till the morning though - post to the beta site as that’s where they’ll respond fastest).

I’ve reported this on Refinery Beta feedback page. Hopefully, it’ll get sorted out.

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