Refinery: Study and it keeps running indefinitely without generating any results


Sometimes I run a Study and it keeps running indefinitely without generating any results.
When that happens I cannot delete the study. Every study that I create after that will freeze as well.
The only way to solve it is going to the Refinery folder, delete all the studies, restarting the computer, and start over.



When I have seen this a restart alone will fix it.

You can also open task manager and force quit all instances of a Refinery in the details tab using the ‘end process tree’ option displayed in Right click menu.


@Lilli_Smith FYI


Does this happen all the time for this graph? If so, can you post it so that we can take a look? If we can reproduce it, it is much easier to fix it. Thanks!


It happens quite often, with almost every script that I have tested so far. It works fine for a couple of attempts and then suddenly I get the issue. I even tried with the demo scripts that you posted and even with those it still happens. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
PS: I cannot upload files yet, but it shouldn’t make a difference since it happens with most of the scripts that I had tried.
FYI: I have Revit 2018.3 Dynamo 2.0.2 and the latest version of Refinery.



@arellan, try launching Dynamo Sandbox and launching Refinery that way. I find it MUCH more stable, and as long as you’re using your Remember nodes correctly you’re all set. There is no direct Revit access anyway.