Forum Interruption and Upgrade on Wednesday, May 18

Hi all
On Wednesday morning Eastern Standard time there will be an interruption of this forum while we complete our migration to a new discussion system. During that time, will be locked while we do a final upate. After this is complete, you will be able to use your existing login credentials with the new system. All the existing posts on the current forum will be migrated to the new, and existing conversations can continue. The new system will be available Thursday May 19, if not sooner.

If you just can’t hardly wait to check out the new system, head on over to for a preview. Please keep in mind that this is an active construction site. Feel free to mess around with it, but anything you add WILL GET ERASED when we do the final migration on Wednesday.

A couple things to note about the upcoming migration:

  • You may need to add some information back to your profile. Not all of the data fields in the old Forum had counterparts in the new one. For example, if you want to provide more than 1 link on your profile, add it to the “About Me” section.
  • For the moment, you may need to log in separately to the main DynamoBIM site and the Forum, as the authentication tools are slightly different.
  • Tag information will not be migrated, so tags like “Python” or “Revit” will be stripped out. This data can be added to new posts.


Thanks so much

The Dynamo Team

Is there an archive extant of the old forum? Sometimes we could use the ability to see old posts in their original glory. E.g.: Excel Roundtrip - Fill Patterns, Line Styles etc

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I found some pictures in google cash. I think, that it is not a solution :confused:

@truevis - Old posts are still available in their original form. (I am unsure how long we are going to keep these live, but they are there for now). To access the old posts, you need to type the url in this format:

For the post, you mentioned above, go here:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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