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Hi all,

I’ve just saw this answer where a solution is given using Dynamo 2.0 but users are implementing it in 1.x and therefore it didn’t work.

I see that on the future, due to the considerable changes on the Dynamo API from 1.x to 2.x most of the current solutions on the forum will not be aplicable, and people unfamiliar with the forum will fail to apply a solution for 1.x on newer version.

Can I suggest to add a tag identifying topics/solutions as pre-2.0 / post-2.0 or something similar? (not sure how discourse works). Also, it would be good to remind somewhere on the guides that as “good practice” topics/answers need to specify the version they relate to.

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@erfajo I understand your point and agree with you. I like to think that people doing any kind of development in Dynamo (custom nodes, zero touch, etc) are somehow experienced and aware of these changes and they will upgrade their nodes/packages accordingly.

My comment was focused more on the forum per se and people with basic knowledge or just starting with Dynamo, that on the event of looking for support on the forum they might try to apply a solution that works on 1.x but not on 2.x (like for example copy/paste a code block like on the example).

I am just thinking that by making this very clear on the forum guides and/or when posting will help on the future by avoiding “tried-this-but-not-working” type of comments in old posts when it is just a matter of different versions :slight_smile:


Not a good idea, as topics could have responses that are a mix of both (and we can’t tag individual posts)

Good suggestion, but sometimes, one isn’t really conscious as to which version is being used to provide a solution. :slight_smile:

Besides, I suppose, mostly its solutions that incorporate some Design Script that would have a problem.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: