Reference point in any template

Hi, I’m starting using Dynamo and I’m trying to insert a Point from Dynamo to Revit but when I use de command “Revit>Element>Reference Point” appears a message saying that it function is only available in a family template… How can I put a point in any Revit template (Structure, Architecture, etc) from dynamo?

Hi Adrian,

Could you show complete graph of your work?

Thanks for answer,
I want to manage these points in revit too, I saw in a tutorial that I can create a reference point using the function “Referencepoint” but it only works in a family template, in the images I’m working in a Architecture template and I get that message and I can´t select the points in revit

I want to know How can I manage the points in Revit?

FYI, “ReferencePoint” works only in Family Environment.

Is there another command that allows me manage a reference point from Dynamo to Revit in any template?

Adorchu, I was having the same problem following the tutorial with Dynamo 1.20. I saved my Dynamo script and closed Dynamo and Revit. I restarted Revit and created a new conceptual mass and then started Dynamo. From there I opened up my saved script and voila it worked. So hope this helps you.

Hi, I have a little problem.

I am trying to use a Python Script node, but it doesn’t allow me because of a warning…
That’s what it says:
“Warning: ReferencePoint.ByCoordinates operation failed.
ReferencePoint Elements can only be created in a Family Document.”

Anyone knows what to do in this kind of situation ?

Hi @lorenzobellonUK9YZ

You need to use ReferencePoint.ByCoordinates inside family not in Project environment.


That’s what i don’t understand… how do you do that ?

Open the Family and then run Dynamo on the family document and not the project document.

I am now running Dynamo on the family document, but it doesn’t let me Run it properly without warnings…

Any clues ?

Just found it !

I wasn’t in the right family (I was suppose to use the “Conceptual Mass” Family.