Placing points on revit or with dynamo

hello everyone,

I’m a rhino / grasshopper user who started learning revit/dynamo a month ago.
I’m wondering if there is a way to manually place points in the revit file which you can use them on dynamo.

the picture below is an example of what I want to do.
red points are the ones that I need to place inside a plan.

thank you very much for your time in advance.

If the points are only intended for a single use, you can always place a unique family at those locations, and use GetLocation on a list containing only elements of that family.

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This node comes to mind.

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thank you for the response.

im not too sure about how to place a unique family in revit. do you think you can elaborate that a bit more if you get a chance?

truly appreciate for your time in advance. thank you very much.